Your CRM Setup setting can be found on the smrtPhone Dashboard, under your Admin Tab:

However, only the Account Owner and those users with appropriate Account Management Permissions have access to these settings.

'CRM Setup' setting offers options like:

🌐 For Podio Users:

  • Change your contact app or reinstall your communication app

  • Switch the Organization

  • Resync leads

See all here: Podio Setup >>

☁ For Salesforce Users:

  • Determine if leads are created for Unknown Callers, autocomplete Tasks or relate them to Opportunities

  • Resync contacts

  • Set dispositions

  • View integration syncing errors

See all here: Salesforce Setup >>

🌌 For InvestorFuse Users:

  • See the Team inside InvestorFuse associated with this smrtPhone account

  • See the total number of Contacts and decide if new opportunities are created

  • Set dispositions for smrtPhone

  • View integration syncing errors

See all here: InvestorFuse Setup >>

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