Your CRM (Podio/Salesforce) Setup setting can be found under your Admin Tab:

'CRM Setup' setting offers the options:

📎 For Podio Users:

  • Change your contact app or

  • Reinstall your communication app

  • Switch the Organization

  • Resync leads

Note: Only the main administrator (the Owner of the account) has access to these settings

In order to resync leads, you will have to click on the Contacts App and hit Save and this will trigger a resync.

If you wish to see the process, you can refresh your page. When the resync is done, the orange banner will disappear and your contacts will be synced.

☁ For Salesforce Users:

  • Determine if leads are created for Unknown Callers*

  • Decide whether to autocomplete new tasks*

  • Resync contacts

  • View integration syncing errors (Flowruns)

*The Account Owner or the Users with granted permissions can change these settings, by toggling them on/off

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