Salesforce users who are Admins in your smrtPhone account can customize settings related to the integration between smrtPhone and the CRM.

Settings are found on the Dashboard > Admin Tab > Salesforce Setup.

Here, you can:

  • Customize basic settings - to create leads for unknown callers or/and autocomplete new tasks

  • Resync Contacts

  • Advanced logs - See errors and main issues that might occur related to smrtPhone attempting to push information into Salesforce.

For your Salesforce Development Team: Salesforce Errors are listed here for you to help identify issues with the Salesforce setup that affect the smrtPhone integration. We list these errors for you to better understand and identify what could have been missed or wrong with a call/text message due to automation in your system.

If you have any concerns about Salesforce Errors, do not hesitate to call out your Development Team or reach out to our Support Team on Live Chat.

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