Dispositions help you finalize a call from any of the smrtPhone manual dialers, allowing you to mark a communication status so you know what the next steps for follow-up should be. They help you track the effectiveness of your calls and feed into reporting.

❗ Note: Please keep in mind that dispositions are not action buttons, and will not trigger workflow or Webhooks; They only set a status for the call for your records.

Salesforce & InvestorFuse users can now customize the dispositions that appear in the Web App, Chrome Dialer, Mobile App, and Salesforce CTI Dialer.

Customizing your call disposition options in smrtPhone's is easy! Here are step-by-step instructions for:

Where to find Dispositions in smrtPhone

There are a few steps needed for dispositions to work properly and it all starts on the smrtPhone Admin Panel:

  1. Access the Dashboard/Web App

  2. Click on the Admin section of the left navigation

  3. Go to Salesforce/InvestorFuse Setup

  4. Find the Dispositions section

*Disclaimer: The image above displays the Salesforce Setup label. It is in the same location for InvestorFuse.

❗Note: please keep in mind that this setup is only available for the Account Owner!

Creating Dispositions

Now starts the fun part: creating dispositions for your calls. You can have different dispositions for Outbound and Inbound calls.

To add a new one, type in the new name and press the blue plus "+" button to add it.

To delete a disposition, click on the gray "X" button on the right.

You can add up to 10 dispositions each for incoming and outgoing calls.

Customizing Disposition Display

You can customize how the Dispositions appear in your smrtPhone dialers, including color of the button, display name, order, and deleting unnecessary ones.


Use different colors - for better visual recognition of the Disposition. The buttons in the smrtPhone dialer will correspond to what you select here. You can change the color at any time.


Re-order the dispositions as it makes sense for your call strategy. For example: put the most used dispositions first on the list. Simply grab the disposition by the left side and drag it to the preferred position.

You can also use the arrows to move them up and down one space at a time.


Re-name a disposition if you change your mind - just press the pen icon and edit. The red X will cancel the renaming and the green check will confirm the new name.


Delete a status when you don't need it anymore using the "X" button next to the color box. You will receive a warning notice to ensure that you really want to remove the Disposition

When you delete a disposition, the tag on past voice calls does not disappear. The calls that had been tagged that disposition will keep the same language, but the color turns grey in recent call logs within the dialers.

How Dispositions appear in action

Finalizing a Call

When you complete a call - incoming or outgoing - after the call disconnects, you are prompted to "Finalized Call" from within the dialer window. It is here that you will be able to see and select your custom disposition.

Recent Calls

Your call dispositions are shown in your recent call lists in the smrtPhone dialers.

If you do not customize any dispositions, the system will use default dispositions.

If you changed any disposition in your settings, it will be still present in recent calls logs, but now with grey instead of the original color. The button will no longer appear when finalizing a call.

Only active dispositions are shown in color, as you can see in the image below, which helps you keep track of current and used status filters.

Salesforce Users - In your CRM

These dispositions can be followed and seen when you check in Tasks.

InvestorFuse Users - In your CRM

These dispositions can be seen in your Communication & Logs:

Dispositions in smrtPhone KPI Reports

Your dispositions will appear in your smrtPhone KPI Reports, accessible from the left navigation of your smrtPhone dashboard. You can see calls by Disposition under both Activity Reports and Team Performance.

Deleted Dispositions will appear in KPI reporting depending on the timeframe you choose. They will appear for when it was active and will not appear moving forward.

Note: If you create and name a disposition "DNC" (Do Not Call) please know that this filter does not trigger the action. To add a number to the DNC list, you have to use the "Actions" button, on the spot, in the Dialer, or add it manually from the Dashboard.

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