Modify Tasks in Salesforce to View smrtPhone Fields

smrtPhone Call Logs and Recordings can be viewed from Salesforce Tasks

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Once you install the smrtPhone Managed Package into your Salesforce Org, you will find the CTI Dialer on your CRM Dashboard. The next step is to make sure that all smrtPhone fields are on display inside of Tasks.

smrtPhone fields that come as default include:

  • To Number

  • From Number

  • Call Duration

  • Call Recording

  • Call Status / Disposition

(Disclaimer: Your Tasks Tab may look slightly different on your CRM page than in this video and article, but will have the same functionality.)

How to Modify Salesforce Task Layout to Include smrtPhone Fields

As an Admin, you can operate changes to the Salesforce Dashboard > Setup > Object Manager.

The customization is easy:

1. Select the Tasks tab from Object Manager

2. Select the Page Layout tab > Task Layout

3. Drag & drop the fields to the location you want to customize the Task. smrtPhone requires the following fields be configured for the integration to work smoothly: Call Status, Call Duration, Call Recording, From Number, To Number.

A proper field configuration decreases the chances of getting integration errors within Salesforce Page Setup.

If you work with a pre-configured Salesforce CRM, such as Left Main or Billions, please contact their team before adjusting the Task Layout.

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