A quick orientation: Itโ€™s easy to find the smrtPhone dialer within your Salesforce setup. The button to open your smrtPhone is situated at the bottom left of your Salesforce screen, under a button labeled โ€œ๐Ÿ“ž Phoneโ€.

Simply click that button and the dialer will expand, giving you the option to place a call, send a SMS/text message, and access your inbox.

The smrtPhone dialer is available on all Salesforce pages of the workspace you are in, and the button to access it will be visible at all times.

When you are receiving an incoming call while you are inside your Salesforce CRM, the dialer will pop up and you can answer or ignore. Install the smrtPhone Chrome Extension to enable answering calls from any Chrome browser tab.

Received text messages are visible in the Inbox.

Note: We recommend our users use Google Chrome for the best experience.

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