When creating or modifying Campaign Settings with smrtDialer, you have the option to add multiple phone numbers to be used when dialing out. This can help improve response rates and keep from “wearing out” a phone number.

The system will rotate through the caller IDs for each session in a round-robin-like fashion – using the number with the least calls on it for that campaign dialing session for the next Caller ID. If you are using multi-line dialer, all lines will dial out from the one number and then the next round of calls will be from the next number, and so on.

How to Place Numbers in the Pool

From your smrtDialer Campaign Settings, go to the Call Engine tab. Click in the box labeled “Caller IDs.” Immediately, a list of available numbers will appear. To add numbers to the pool you can:

  • Scroll through the list and click the numbers you want

  • Start typing the numeric of the phone number (e.g. if you want to narrow the list to see only certain area codes) and then select

  • Type the friendly name of the number

As you begin to type in that field, you will see the list filters down to matching options to what you've entered.

You can add as many numbers as you’d like to the pool. You remove a number from the pool by clicking on the X next to it.

How the Rotation Works

Once the pool is saved, smrtDialer will automatically call out with the numbers selected, making sure there are call logs for each and every one of them. When a new call is made, the system will allocate that to the Caller Id with the fewest calls.

❗️Keep in mind that once you remove a phone number or add another, the Caller ID list is reset and will start to call again redistributing calls equally.

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