Using Number Pools in smrtDialer

Rotate through a group of preselected outgoing numbers in a campaign to keep your Caller ID fresh

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When creating or modifying Campaign Settings with smrtDialer, you have the option to add multiple phone numbers to be used for Caller ID when dialing out. This can help to boost response rates and avoid wearing out phone numbers.

The system will rotate through the Caller IDs for each session in a round-robin-like fashion – the dialer will randomly pick from the numbers you provided, and so each one will get the chance to connect to a call. The same rule applies whether you have a single or multi-line.

How to Place Numbers in the Pool

From your smrtDialer Campaign Settings, go to the Call Engine tab. Click in the box labeled Caller IDs. Immediately, a list of available numbers will appear. To add numbers to the pool, you can:

  • Scroll through the list and click the numbers you want

  • Start typing the numeric of the phone number (e.g. if you want to narrow the list to see only certain area codes) and then select

  • Type the Friendly Name of the number

As you begin to type in that field, you will see the list filters down to match options to what you've entered.

You can add as many numbers as you’d like to the pool. You remove a number from the pool by clicking on the X next to it.

When the Call Connects

One of the challenges with using an automatically rotating pool of numbers is knowing which one is the number that is connected to that caller. We've solved that for you by displaying the Caller ID you are using in the bottom left corner of the lead window.

If the lead asks for your number, you can easily read that number back to them.

Also, here you can see the Lead/Call in CRM, Communication History, and also push the lead to CRM and Close Call (after setting call statuses for this call).

Of course, you can find detailed information on this last matter by accessing our entire collection dedicated to smrtDialer.

Be sure to properly set up a Call Flow and SMS flowfor every number used in smrtDialer campaigns, so you won't miss any return calls or texts!

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