By using the Round Robin Applet, new calls will automatically be allotted to the consecutive users in a Round Robin Order. This option allows you to equally distribute your calls among your agents.

The Round Robin field is used to select what group of users should be called when somebody dials your line.

You're able to control the number of users that will be dialed in a single round. For example, if you have chosen 2 users, the first call will dial the first 2 users of your group, the second call, the next 2 users, and so on.  The call flow progresses only if users are offline or if they do not answer. 

The Dial Timeout lets you control for how long a call should ring until it advances to the next step in the Flow. The timeout is calculated per user

Call Recording gives you the option to record the call from ringing, from answering or disable the feature.

You can find more information about Call Recording and storage by accessing this article on Intro to Call Recording >>

Sticky Agent is used to determine the best agent for a specific call. For example, if a number is returning a call, the first to be called will be the user that had previously talked to the caller. 

If nobody answers you have the option to take a voicemail or to advance to another Applet from the flow creator. This can be fully customized to best suit your business' needs.

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