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Distributing Calls Among Agents (Round Robin Applet) - Call Flows
Distributing Calls Among Agents (Round Robin Applet) - Call Flows

Learn how to evenly distribute inbound phone calls among agents within a team, while providing superior service to your clients

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By using the Round Robin Applet, new calls will automatically be assigned to Users in consecutive order. This option allows you to equally distribute your calls among your agents and has additional options to ensure calls are answered.


Once the Round Robin Applet is dragged and dropped into place, you need to configure its details. First, select the Team that will be cycled through.

The order of Users in the Team will impact the order of the Round Robin.

The first time a call comes through the Round Robin Applet, it will ring the first user in the team. From there, it will go in consecutive order, based on how you've ordered them within your User Management section of the Admin panel.


The Round Robin Applet also allows you to control how many Users are attempted before moving on to the next step in the Call Flow. For example, if you select Next 3 Users from the Rounds drop-down menu, the call will go to User 1, and if they cannot answer in the allotted Ring Time, User 2 will be attempted. If they can't answer, User 3 is rung, and then the next Applet in the call flow will be activated.

On the next inbound call, User 4 will be rung. If, in this example, User 1 had answered, on the next inbound call, User 2 will be rung.

The point of this feature is to ensure each user gets equal chances to answer incoming calls. This also improves the odds that a caller will reach someone, improving customer satisfaction.

Ring Time

The Ring Time lets you control how long a call should ring until it advances to the next step in the Flow. The time is calculated per user.

A 20-second Ring Time is approximately 3-4 rings. Keep your callers in mind while you craft your Call Flow and select a Ring Time. For example, if you set the Ring Time to 30 seconds while also choosing Next 4 Users for Rounds, it will be 2 full minutes before the Caller is directed to the next step in the Call Flow.

Call Recording

The Call Recording feature gives you the option to record your calls from ringing, from answering, or to turn off recording.

Sticky Agent

Sticky Agent helps determine the best agent for a specific call. If someone is returning a call, Sticky Agent will ensure the first person to be attempted is the User who had previously spoken to them.

If Nobody Answers...

If nobody answers, you have the option to take a voicemail or to advance to another Applet from the flow creator. This can be fully customized to best suit your business' needs.

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