How to Use Sticky Caller ID

How to enable and set up Sticky Caller ID inside smrtPhone

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The Sticky Caller ID feature allows you to set up smrtPhone to automatically assign as the Caller ID the last number that was used to communicate with a certain contact when placing an outbound call. That means if someone calls in on a number when we dial back we will automatically use the same number, regardless of any Geo-Caller ID rules.

Set up a Sticky Caller ID feature for your users, head over to Admin > Users, and press the Settings gear icon βš™οΈ located near the name of the User.

For each member of your account you want to enable the Sticky Caller ID feature, click on the Settings icon. You will be presented with the configuration settings for that user.

The Sticky Caller ID' feature increases call-to-pick-up by automatically selecting the best number for outbound dialing.

Sticky Caller ID has priority over the Geo Caller ID feature.

πŸ’‘ Verified Caller ID β‡’

πŸ’‘ Caller ID Hierarchy β‡’

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