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Caller ID hierarchy

When you use multiple Caller ID automation features, learn which Caller ID has priority

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The default Caller ID is the specific phone number defined to be used for each user of your account.

If you want to use Sticky Caller ID and/or you have a Pro Subscription and decide to use Geo Caller ID, you should know that one has priority over the other:

When making an outbound call, the system will go in this order:

  1. Sticky Caller ID - If this is turned on and you've spoken with the contact before (or left a voicemail), the system will first look to use the same phone number you last connected with.

  2. Geo Caller ID (Pro feature) - If no number turns up for Sticky Caller ID, the system then looks to see if Geo-Caller ID is enabled. If yes, it will use one of the Caller ID numbers you designated.

  3. Individual User Caller ID - If neither Sticky Caller ID or Geo Caller ID come into play, then the system will use what is set at the individual level. If you have a Default Caller ID set for a User, it will use that one. Otherwise, the user can select from which Caller ID to make the call.

โ— Note: Only the Owner of the account and the Users with proper permissions can define Caller IDs for the members of the account.

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