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Setting Up Geo Caller ID for Your Users (Pro Feature)
Setting Up Geo Caller ID for Your Users (Pro Feature)

How to enable and set up Geo Caller ID, which changes outbound phone numbers to match local, regional area codes

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In this article, you will learn the following about the smrtPhone Pro feature Geo Caller ID:

What is Geo Caller ID?

Geo Caller ID is a feature in smrtPhone Pro that automatically selects the best number from your portfolio based on the number you are trying to call/text.

Benefits of Geo Caller ID

Leads are more likely to answer a call or respond to a text from someone they perceive to be similar to them. Using the same area code increases the likelihood of them perceiving the call as friendly and therefore answering.

  • Save time by not having to manually change your Caller ID

  • Project brand image of having local expertise

  • Pre-set the number your user will use when dialing/texting certain regions

  • Enhance reporting capabilities regarding response rates (essentially "tracking numbers" for outbound communications.)

Who should use Geo Caller ID?

Geo Caller ID is available only to smrtPhone Pro clients. While it's really up to a company's outbound communication strategy, these are the most common situations where Geo Caller ID is used:

  • Companies that operate in multiple countries

  • Companies that operate in multiple regions within a country

  • Companies that operate in cities and areas that have multiple area codes (for example, most major U.S. metropolitan areas)

How does Geo Caller ID work?

Once the system is set and Geo Caller ID is turned on, there are several "checks" the system runs through when selecting a phone number for outbound calling/texting:

  1. Area Code Matching

  2. Country Matching

  3. Default Geo Caller ID

Essentially, the system will first look and see if you have assigned the phone number you would like to use for that area code. If there isn't a pre-determined number assigned to that area code, it will look by country. Then, if you don't have a main number set for that country, it will use the phone number you have assigned as the Default Geo Caller ID.

Note: The system will only look for what you have set and can only use phone numbers that are already in your portfolio. It does not force/spoof a caller ID.

How do you set up Geo Caller ID?

Only the Account Owner and Users with granted permissions can enable Geo Caller ID. It must be set for every user, individually.

To set up a Geo Caller ID for your user, head over to Admin > Users and press the settings icon located near the name of the user.

The User Settings tab will open and you must navigate to the second tab, labeled "Geo Caller ID".

Remember, the system starts by looking for Area Code Matching, so we suggest you start there, as well.

By pressing the๐Ÿ“ Edit button you can set the system to use a specific Caller ID when a certain area code is called.

Area Code Matching

For example, you can configure the system to use the agent's smrtPhone number if the area code matches '302' - Delaware. This means that the system will match the number selected with this area. (This is another situation where setting a Friendly Name for your numbers can be helpful. Learn how >>)

If you want to cover all area codes in a metro region using the same phone number, you must enter each area code and then the phone number you want to be used. For example, in the Houston TX metro region, there are four area codes (281, 713, 832, and 346) if you wanted to use your user's Houston phone number starting with 713 for all of them, you must make four entries in the Area Code Matching area - one for each area code.

Country Number Matching

You can do the same thing for country codes by selecting what number to be used when dialing a specific country prefix. For example, you can configure your agent's 203 (Connecticut) number to be used when dialing a UK phone number containing '+44'. (More commonly, you would use a phone number from that country.)

You can leave this section blank if you feel satisfied that your Area Code Matching section covers what you need it to.

Default Geo ID

Set the Default Geo ID to be used as back-up if there is not a matching Area Code or Country number.

If you have not configured your Default Geo Caller ID, the system will use the Default Caller ID for that user or the number that is selected inside the dialer if the Default Caller ID is not selected.

Customized Geo ID from Another User

You can also use the same configuration from another user, by selecting the second box: "Use the configuration from" and selecting the user you want to copy the settings from.

Note: The Owner of the account can define a default Caller ID for the members of the account. He can also delegate users to define this feature, by customizing permissions.

Geo Caller ID Best Practices

This video will run you through the basics and best practices of Geo Caller ID.

There are three things to keep in mind when setting up your Geo Caller ID:

1. It is set at the User Level. You must set it for each of your users.

2. Consider your reporting/tracking strategy. You can get simplified and more robust reporting if users have specified phone numbers per user, per region.

3. Consider how call back/ text back will operate and make sure your Flows support your strategy. You don't want to miss any response from a Lead who is returning a missed call or texting you back.

Note: please keep in mind that the Sticky Caller ID feature has priority over the Geo Caller ID feature.

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