By using the Geo Caller ID feature you can set up smrtPhone to automatically match the country and area code with a certain caller ID when placing an outbound call.

In order to set up a Geo Caller ID for your user, all you need to do is to head over to Admin -> Users and to press the settings icon located near the name of the user.

A new settings tab will open containing the general information about the user. In order to activate Geo Caller ID we will need to access the Geo Caller ID tab.

In the newly opened window, you will have the option to create a new Geo Caller ID that will match a certain country or area code.

By pressing the edit button you can set the system to use a specific Caller ID when a certain area code is called. In this example, we configured the system to use our Support number if the area code matches '302'. You can do the same thing for country codes by selecting what number to be used when dialing a specific country prefix. For example, we configured our agent's number to be used when dialing a Romanian phone number containing '+40'

If the Area Code that you have configured does not match with the number that you want to call, the system will look for the Country code that you have configured. If the Country Code does not match with the number that you are calling, the system will use the 'Default Geo ID'. If you have not configured your Default Geo Caller ID, the system will use the Default Caller ID for that user or the number that is selected inside the dialer if the Default Caller ID is not selected.

Geo Caller ID Functionality

There are 3 options available:

  • Don't force - Your user can select to enable the Geo Caller ID directly from the dialer.

  • Force - Geo Caller ID will be permanently enabled for your user.

  • Use Global - By pressing this button, the settings will be picked up from the Account Settings ( Allows Geo Caller ID Change)

Note: Only the admins of the account can define a default Caller ID for the members of the account.

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