Geo Caller ID for smrtDialer (Pro Feature)

Enhance your Campaign's performance by matching the area codes of your Caller IDs with Lead Phone Numbers

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Geo Caller ID is a smrtPhone Pro feature that automatically selects the best number from your portfolio based on the number you are trying to reach. If you are a Pro subscriber, this functionality is also available in smrtDialer.

Learn more about Geo Caller ID here: Setting up Geo Caller ID for your users β‡’

Using Geo Caller ID in smrtDialer Campaigns

While you are configuring a smrtDialer Campaign, you can choose to enable Geo Caller ID.

Located on the upper right in your Campaign Settings' page, you can toggle the feature ON/OFF, and a pop-up will confirm the status.

By turning ON Geo Caller ID, you're allowing the system to match the area code of your numbers with that of your leads. The numbers are selected from a pool that you've designated for this specific Campaign, and Geo Caller ID will rotate and use all numbers.

When a call is made, the system checks the area code of the recipient, and if it matches any of your Caller ID's area codes, it will use that Caller ID.

If there are multiple Caller IDs with the same area code, the system will apply a round-robin functionality to rotate through the number pool.

And if no area code matches, the system will use the standard functionality, using a random Caller ID from your selection.

The system will only look for what you have set and can only use phone numbers that are already in your portfolio. It does not force/spoof a Caller ID.

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