The main question answered with the Business Hours Applet is: Is this incoming call/text happening when the business is open or after hours?

In this Applet, you set what your typical business hours are each day and which days of the week you are not open. Then, you can determine what happens if an incoming communication happens during the business day or after hours.

To set Business Hours:

Drag the Business Hours Applet to the Flow and complete the fields.

  • Select the opening time for each day you are open

  • Select the closing time for each day you are open

  • Ensure the days you are closed are marked closed

You are also considered "closed" outside of the hours you are marked open. For example, if your business day runs 9 AM - 5 PM, after 5 PM you will be considered closed. Once it becomes midnight, the system looks to the next day's settings.

Important things to note about Time Zone:

  • When you drag the Business Hours Applet into a Flow, you will see a note that tells "Your server's current time." If this time is incorrect, you need to go into the Admin Panel under Account Settings to adjust it.

  • If you operate across regions and your server lives in a different location, just make sure you do some math to adjust the business hours to reflect the difference.

Once Hours are Set - Determine what Happens if Open/Closed

At the bottom of the Business Hours Applet, there are two options:

  • Open applet

  • Closed applet

In these spaces, you need to drag over an Applet option from the right menu depending on what you want to happen during/outside business hours.

For example, if during business hours you'd like the system to ring someone, you would pull over the Dial Applet to the Open Applet spot. And if you want the call to go to voicemail when it's after hours, you would drag the Voicemail applet to the Closed Applet spot. Or if you want to call an external answering service after hours, you can drag the Dial Applet into the Closed Applet spot. You can use any Applet.

There are two common ways people use Business Hours:

  1. Starting a Flow with the hours

  2. Using an IVR First

If you start a Flow with Business Hours, it will immediately check the time of day before moving forward. This is useful when you have a set business hour for the entire system.

If you start with an IVR, you can set Business Hours for any/all of the menu options. If you use this option, you can set different business hours for each of the menu options. This can be helpful for different time zones, for different departments that may have different hours, and so on. It's a flexible tool to meet your needs.

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