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The Business Hours Applet lets you set different rules for how texts should be handled during or outside business hours

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The Business Hours Applet from SMS/text flows works the same as the Business Hours Applet for Call Flows. You can direct text messages to different Users or Teams depending on the time of day and day of the week that they are received.

To reach the SMS flow editor and the menu applet, go to your Admin Dashboard > Call Flow tab and then select Create SMS Flow (if you never created one) or click on the envelope icon to modify the one you created previously.

The Business Hours Applet

To set Business Hours:

Drag the Business Hours Applet to the Flow and complete the fields.

  1. Select the opening time for each day you are open

  2. Select the closing time for each day you are open

  3. Ensure the days you are closed are marked closed

  4. Once Hours are set, determine what Happens if Open/Closed

  5. At the bottom of the Business Hours Applet, there are two options:

    1. Open applet

    2. Closed applet

In these spaces, you need to drag over an Applet option from the right menu depending on what you want to happen during/outside business hours.

When setting Business Hours, keep in mind the Time Zone that might vary!

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