To buy an international number or unlock international calling, you, the Account Owner, have to follow two important steps:

How can I verify my business identity?

Your business identity will be verified by registering with our Trust Center.

What does Trust Center do to your business? Among other benefits, you will be able to call internationally. Without being registered to the Trust Center, this option is no longer available for you.

Anyone who is not registered will not be able anymore to make international calls. This is a national measurement of security and we all must comply with it.

Long story short, international dialing is only available for verified and trusted clients - registered to Trust Center.

But how do you get a non-US number?

Once you are verified in the Trust Center, there is a second step - which is to contact Support to enable your international capabilities. Reach out to our team whenever you think we can help you!

Please, take into consideration reading our documentation regarding buying non-US phone numbers for a better understanding of these facts.

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ In conclusion, keep in mind these 2 non-automatically requirements:

  • Trust Center registration

  • Contact support in order to buy a non-US number

Note: if for any reason the Account Owner, the one who can register the business in order to be verified, encounters any issue or fail to register, please contact our Support Team.

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