iOS App:

To listen to your voicemails on your smrtPhone Mobile App, start in the Inbox tab from the lower menu on the app. It defaults to your text message inbox, and if you select the menu icon (≡) from the upper left of this screen it will give you an option to view your voicemails.

  • Individual Voicemails

  • Voicemails assigned to any Groups you are in

Once you see the Voicemail you'd like to listen to, you click on the Play button (▶) to listen to it.

Moreover, by clicking the Edit button you can take bulk action for the voicemail messages. After clicking edit, select the voicemails you'd like to update and then choose to:

  • Delete

  • Mark Unread

  • Mark Read

You also have the option for quick actions against a specific contact that left you a voicemail. Tap anywhere in the voicemail item to expand it and three buttons appear:

  • Call back

  • Send a text message

  • Add contact

Visual Voicemail

If you have voicemail transcription activated on your account, you will be able to read the recorded transcript from the message.

Once it is enabled, for all voicemails moving forward, you can see the transcript for the received voicemail, as text under the name of the caller.

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