The first tab on the lower menu of the smrtPhone Mobile App is "Recent Calls".

This will show you a list of inbound and outbound calls. They are marked with symbols to help make the nature of the call glanceable.

  • Red icon = call did not connect / missed call 🔴

  • Gray icon = call connected 🔘

  • Arrow to the lower left = inbound ↙️

  • Arrow to the upper right = outbound ↗️

There are 3 icons next to each call record

  • ✉️ Envelope is for text messages. If you click that, it will open the Compose screen for a text message to that phone number. The text messages will be automatically logged in Podio.

  • 🗒 Notes icon is to add call notes to the recent call, which will be automatically update to Podio.

  • 📞 Phone icon initiates a call to that phone number.

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