Recent Calls Overview Screen

Open the smrtPhone Mobile App. The first tab on the lower menu of the smrtPhone Mobile App is "Recent Calls".

This will show you a list of inbound and outbound calls. They are marked with symbols to help make the nature of the call glanceable.

Next to the symbol, there is written the nature of the call (Missed, Outgoing, or Incoming) and also the Status (Answered, Busy/ No answer, or other dispositions you have available).

  • Red phone Icon with a blocked arrow = call did not connect/missed call

  • Green Phone Icon with an arrow to the left = Inbound/ Incoming call

  • Orange Phone Icon with an arrow to the right = Outbound/ Outgoing call

Recent Call Quick Actions

There are 4 icons under each call record, available by clicking the Contact's name. Each of these allows you to make a specific action for that recent call item.

  • 💚📞 Green Phone button initiates a call to that phone number

  • 💙đŸ’Ŧ Blue Text button is for text messages. If you click that, it will open the Compose screen for a text message to that phone number. The text messages will be automatically logged in your CRM.

  • 💛📝 Yellow Notes button is to add call notes to the recent call, which will be automatically updated to your CRM.

  • 🖤 ℹī¸ Grey Info button allows you to see Contact information, re-syncing it, view it in your CRM, and also Call or Text. Moreover, here you can also rename contacts.

If the number is not yet saved, this will show up in your Recent Calls, and you can press the Yellow button and just add it to your Contacts.

Note: for iOS users, smrtPhone recent calls appear in iPhone recent call log and you can redial with smrtPhone.

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