There are several ways to send a text message from the smrtPhone mobile app.

  1. Inbox - New message. Go to the Inbox from the lower menu and select the large plus sign ➕ in the lower right.

  2. Inbox - Previous message. From the Inbox, you can select a previous text thread and add an additional message at the bottom and send.

  3. Dialer - Search Contacts. From the Dialer, search for a contact. when you find their name on the list, click the envelope icon next to their name and type your text message.

  4. Recent Calls - Find the contact on your recent calls list and instead of calling them back, you can select the envelope to write them a text message.

Tracking text messages

All text messages, regardless of where they are sent from, will be tracked within your CRM, on the contact record for that person.

Additionally, regardless from which part of the smrtPhone app they are sent, all text messages will thread together by contact phone number. You can click through to see the thread in your smrtPhone inbox.

Text Messaging Reminder

There is a 160 character count for each text message. But, when you exceed the length of a single text message - you can keep typing! Just remember that while your text message will be sent as a single long message, it will record in your billing as multiple messages (depending on the length.)

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