Almost all smrtPhone phone numbers are text-enabled, but some quick setup is required to enable full texting capability.

The first thing to do is double-check that your number is text-enabled (SMS/MMS). You can do this in the Phone Number section of smrtPhone.

Read more about Phone Number Management >>

Sending Text Messages from smrtPhone

Without any additional setup, you are able to send outgoing text messages using the smrtPhone Web App (browser), Chrome Extension, or Mobile App. HOWEVER, if you do not do a quick setup, you will not receive any replies that are sent.

Enable Incoming Text Messages

To receive inbound text messages, you must have an SMS flow created and enabled for the phone number.

Learn how to create an SMS Flow >>

Enable Sending Texts from Podio

You can also send text messages from within Podio, but only if you have the proper automation setup.

Learn how to enable sending texts within Podio >>

Texting rules and /or prohibitions

smrtPhone uses Twilio as our underlying carrier to send SMS/text messages. Violating Twilio's regulations might affect your account

Consent can't be bought, sold, or exchanged

The initial message that you send must include:

Anything that is illegal in the jurisdiction where the message recipient lives

First - work in good faith

Prior to sending the first message, you must obtain an agreement (FCC compliance)

  • Reply STOP to unsubscribe

  • Stop

  • Stop All

  • Unsubscribe

  • Cancel

In the U.S. - keep in mind federal and state legislation applies (e.g. Cannabis.)

Country-specific rules like age and Geographic Gating

Second - suspend or remove access if guidelines and standards are not respected

Contact initiated by an individual doesn’t need a prior consent request

  • End

  • Quit

  • or equivalent

Hate speech, harassment, exploitative, abusive communication

Informational content to an individual based on a prior relationship doesn’t need a consent request

Fraudulent messages or malicious content, such as malware or viruses

Periodic Messages and Ongoing Consent of reconfirming consent

Spreading similar or identical messages misspelled words or non-standard opt-out phrases with the clear effect of evading

Identifying Yourself as the Sender

Any content that is designed to intentionally evade filters

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