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The Chrome Extension is required for one-click calling and texting from Tape CRM

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The smrtPhone Chrome Extension is required to be able to call or text from inside Tape with one-click. Stop copying/pasting phone numbers and save more time focusing on growing your business.

Accessing Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension comes with awesome features that allow you to use the system no matter in which tab you are working in. Learn how to install and pin the Chrome Extension. You can use the Chrome Extension from any tab you might work.

chrome extension

It works for both incoming and outgoing communication. Reach for the smrtPhone icon in your tab and use the Chrome Extension Dialer.

You must have at least one phone number in your smrtPhone phone number portfolio to be able to use the Chrome Extension and Mobile App.

Click to Call/Text

Also, with the Chrome Extension, comes the feature of calling or texting from your tabs, like your CRM for example. When you install the extension, next to each phone number appear two hyperlink buttons that say Call | Send Text.

Call Option

Call this specific contact by clicking the Call button next to the phone number you want to reach. The Chrome Extension will open and initiate the outgoing call for you.

Text Option

When selecting the Send Text link button beside the desired recipient's number, you instantly get the pop-up tab to send a text message to that person. you can also create and later use SMS Templates.

send text click to text

Be aware that if you are already in an ongoing call, and you try to call another lead from Contact Record in Tape this notice will pop up.

All your messages can be later seen in your SMS Logs (Communications App) and, of course, in your smrtPhone Inbox, within your smrtPhone Dashboard.

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