How to Pin the Chrome Extension

To take full advantage of the smrtPhone Chrome Extension productivity hacks, you must pin the extension to your menu bar.

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Pin the Extension to take full advantage of its features, including:

  • Dialing or texting from any web page

  • Answering inbound calls without having to change tabs

  • Enabling one-click calling and texting from your CRM

Pin the Chrome Extension in the Extensions Menu

  1. Make sure you have installed the Chrome Extension

  2. Click the puzzle piece icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser. 🧩

  3. Find where it says smrtPhone -Chrome Dialer

  4. Click the pin icon next to the name πŸ“Œ

  5. Make sure the pin turns blue to show it is activated πŸ’™

Following these steps will pin the Extension to your visible extensions menu.

You can change the order of the extension icons by dragging + dropping them.

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