Reminder: You must "pin" the smrtPhone Chrome Extension to your visible extensions menu to enable full functionality. Click on the puzzle piece 🧩 icon at the top of your Chrome Browser and activate the blue pin icon πŸ“Œ next to its name.

Once you have downloaded, installed, and pinned the smrtPhone Chrome Extension, you must login before you can adjust your settings. Here is a 1-minute video on how to login to the smrtPhone Chrome Extension to be able to access the Settings tab.

Customize your smrtPhone Chrome Extension in the Settings tab.

There are several important options for you to choose to make sure the Chrome Extension works best for you.

Open the Chrome Extension by clicking on the smrtPhone triangle icon in your extensions menu.

This will open the Chrome Extension Dialer window. The top right is the Settings tab. Click it open.


You can choose to have a white background or go into dark mode, which turns the dialer black with white lettering. If you log out, it will remember your last setting for when you log back in.


You can logout of the Chrome Extension any time by selecting the Logout button. You can then log back in using your smrtPhone or your CRM logins.

Switch Account

If you have multiple smrtPhone accounts, you can switch accounts without having to logout and log back in.

Audio Settings

You can choose where you want the sound to come out for the ringing and for when you are engaged in a phone conversation. Learn more about Audio settings here>>

Using Click-to-Call

Click-to-call is one of the most important settings within the Extension for your Users.

When the Chrome icon is selected, any one-click dialing you do from within CRM will be done through the Chrome Extension. It will automatically open when you click a phone number, overlaying the window, and dial instantly.

When the phone icon is selected, the call will be placed within the smrtPhone Web App. This may require a new tab to be opened.

Watch this 3-minute video to see the difference between the two Click-to-call options:

Note: Both the Dialer within the Web App and the Chrome Extension Dialer are identical in functionality. There is no benefit to one over the other and is only about your preference.

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