You can initiate an outbound phone call or text without having to open your smrtPhone or Podio tabs. Simply click the smrtPhone Chrome Extension icon to drop down the dialer. It is fully synced with your Podio contacts, and you can enter a name or number and immediately call or compose a text message.

Sending a Text

When you click on the blue button to send a text message, the dialer transforms into a SMS message window. You can enter your message and send it directly from the Chrome Extension.

Making a Call

While you are on a call, you have all of your favorite smrtPhone call features available to you right in the Chrome Extension including muting, transferring, call notes, keypad, and if you're a Pro user: conference calling, warm transfer, and hold options.

The call notes that you enter in the Chrome Extension will be automatically synced to your Podio CRM system, as it is for all smrtPhone calls.

Finalizing calls and all of your preset call dispositions are available upon call completion.

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