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Using the smrtPhone Chrome Extension
How to Answer a Call with the Chrome Extension
How to Answer a Call with the Chrome Extension

Using the Chrome Extension to answer calls saves time and improves productivity

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When you are logged in to your smrtPhone Chrome Extension and it is properly pinned to the extensions menu, incoming calls become a breeze to answer, ignore, or reject.

You can be on any webpage to answer an incoming call - you do not have to find the smrtPhone tab.

Call Announcement Banner

When an inbound call rings to you, the smrtPhone Chrome Extension icon will flash green, you'll hear ringing, and a small Caller ID banner will drop down, no matter what web page you are viewing.

This call announcement banner saves you from having to hunt for your smrtPhone tab to see who's calling. You can glance up from whatever web page you are on and make a quick decision about how you want to handle the inbound communication. It minimizes interruptions and reduces the number of required clicks.

Declining an Inbound Call

When you click Decline for an incoming call, the small call announcement banner will disappear.

Accepting an Inbound Call

When you accept an inbound call, it will answer in the small window.

If you'd like to extend the full dialer to gain access to all of your call features, simply click the smrtPhone icon in the Chrome Extension menu. The full dialer will extend.

If you forget, don't worry! Simply click the Show More button for a quick visual reminder of how to open the full dialer while on an active call.

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