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Using the smrtPhone Chrome Extension
How to Move Incoming Call Banner for the Chrome Extension
How to Move Incoming Call Banner for the Chrome Extension

You can drag and drop the Chrome Extension incoming call banner so it doesn't block important browser information

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One of the best things about the smrtPhone Chrome Extension is the Call Announcement Banner for incoming calls. This feature allows you to answer a call from any browser tab, without having to open the smrtPhone web app.

Drag & Drop the Banner for Optimal Placement

A neat feature of the incoming call announcement banner is that it doesn't have to be locked into the upper right-hand corner of your browser. You can choose whatever location you'd like for the banner.

Simply mouse over the banner, click, and drag the box to anywhere you'd like within your browser, and let go.

The next time you get an incoming call, the little banner will appear in the last place you saw it. And you can move it again, as many times as you'd like.

  • Customize your smrtPhone Chrome Extension experience

  • Avoid the banner covering important information within the browser screen

Watch this (silent) video to see an example of moving the banner, hanging up, and then getting a new call. You'll see that it appears in the last place you saw it.

Limitations of Moving the Call Announcement Banner

There are some limitations to moving the little banner.

  • The banner should remain within the visible Chrome Browser window

  • If you resize the window, it may disappear. To find it, either enlarge the window again or try closing and reopening your browser window.

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