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I lost my Chrome Extension Incoming Call Banner
I lost my Chrome Extension Incoming Call Banner

How to recover the Call Announcement Banner if it disappears

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The Chrome Extension incoming Call Announcement Banner is moveable around your browser window, but in some rare occasions, you may lose track of it. There are some known ways that this happens and easy ways to recover it.

  1. Resize the browser window to make it larger.
    Sometimes the banner can disappear because it was moved to the edge of the browser window and then later the window is resized. The area where the banner is anchored is no longer visible, and you can't see it pop up when your smrtPhone rings. If this is the case, try making the browser window larger again and the banner may reappear.

  2. Close and reopen your browser window.
    A simple refresh of the browser should reset the placement of the little banner.

  3. Sign out & back in to the smrtPhone Chrome Extension.
    Restart the extension itself by going to the Settings tab within the Chrome Extension. Click "Logout". Then, log back in.

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