Create SMS Templates for faster, more consistent outbound conversations.

Quickly populate the message box, adjust as necessary for the specific conversation, and send.

How to Create an SMS Template

To create and save a Template, go to your Admin Dashboard > SMS Templates:

To create a new template, select New Template and begin to customize using the fields provided by the system. Fields are linked to your Contact information in your smrtPhone system in order to facilitate customization.

Note: More field options are coming soon!

The Template Name and Description help you to categorize and find Templates quickly.

When you've finished creating your template, save it as a Draft or Save it as a Template. Once you save it as a Template, it will appear as an option in your Dialers. Both versions are editable.

Use Filters and Statuses to find specific Templates you've created, Edit your Templates, or Delete unwanted Templates, using the action buttons.

Using a Template:

You can find your saved templates in your

  1. Web App / Dashboard dialer

  2. smrtPhone Chrome Extension

  3. CTI Dialer (for Salesforce Users)

  4. smrtPhone Inbox on the Web App - from Compose Message button

When composing a message, click on the πŸ“„ Add Message Template button and choose a saved template. The template will auto-populate, and if you've used Fields, it will pull info from the Contact selected.

Remember to select a Contact before adding the template so the information is correct.

Once the template populates the message box, you can update it as needed before sending it.

Note: If you want to use the SMS Templates in the Web App, you can access the Dashboard Inbox tab. This feature is currently available only when composing a new message.

At this moment, you can either search and select an existing template or create a new one.

If you choose to create one, click the green New Template button, and in the newly opened tab compose and save the template you want to use in this conversation.

Note: This feature is not yet available for Mobile but we'll keep you updated when it's ready!

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