How to Make a Call With the smrtPhone Dialer within the Dashboard

To make a call, you can search for a contact name (synced from your CRM), an agent/coworker name, or by entering a numeric phone number.

As you type, smrtPhone will begin to present options, narrowing them down as you complete more information in the field. Once you find the contact you're looking for, click on it. You will see all of the phone number options you have for that person. You can view their record in your CRM or you can refresh the CRM contact to update to include the most recent contact data available.

When you see the contact number you want, click the phone icon πŸ“ž to dial it.

Once a call is connected, more options become available:

  • Call quality issues will display (if they are an issue)

  • For Podio Users: The Podio image will display

  • From the three dots in the upper right, you can:

    • For Podio Users:

      • Mark as Spam - placing them on your blocked list

      • View Call in Podio

      • View Contact in Podio

      • Rename Contact

    • For Salesforce Users:

      • Mark as Spam - placing them on your blocked list

      • View Lead in Salesforce

      • Add Lead in Salesforce

      • Rename Contact

    • For InvestorFuse Users:

      • Mark As Spam

      • Add to DNC

      • View Call in InvestorFuse

      • Create Contact

      • Rename Contact

  • Enter call notes

  • Place the call on mute

  • Dial the keypad (if you encounter an IVR menu) - you can user your mouse to select your option or use your keyboard to type the option.

  • Cold Transfer

  • smrtPhone Pro Features:

    • Warm Transfer using Add Call

    • Conference Call using Add Call

    • Hold button

Once the call is complete you will see the small summary:

  • Edit or complete notes

  • Select a call disposition to finalize call

How to Sent a Text with smrtPhone Dialer

To send a text with the smrtPhone Dialer - click the Dialer open. Search for a contact name or click the Message button - from the next screen, you will be able to compose a message and send it.

Note: Below the text box it will tell you how many characters are being used in the text. Each text message is billed per 160 characters. A longer message will be sent as a single message, however, it will be billed as two messages.

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