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Why Text Messages May Fail to Send
Why Text Messages May Fail to Send

Learn why unregistered SMS/text communication can be expected to fail delivery

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A2P 10DLC - Not Registered

All local U.S. phone numbers used to transmit SMS and MMS messages to other U.S. phone numbers must be fully registered to an approved A2P10DLC Campaign under your brand.

Messages transmitted from unregistered phone numbers have been subject to a progressive increase in message blocking by carriers since July 5, 2023. These changes affect all providers in the industry.

All unregistered outbound messaging traffic will be banned beginning August 31, 2023. Begin A2P 10DLC registration ASAP to avoid any business disruptions. Texting from a Toll-Free number is an interim solution until your A2P registration is approved.

If you notice your messages fail to send or don't appear to be received, even if they have left the smrtPhone system, you need to take action as soon as possible. Please check in with our Support team via Live Chat to check the status of your outbound messages.

Text messages that fail to be sent due to lack of registration will still incur per-message fees.

All smrtPhone clients must register their business profile in the Trust Center, and if you want to send text messages, you must also register for A2P10DLC.

The registration process requires time for verification and validation, and when completed, you will be able to send messages again.

Forbidden words

Any text containing a forbidden word will be automatically blocked by our system. Hence, your text will not be delivered, and you will get an error notification.

For security reasons, smrtPhone will not publish any list containing the forbidden words, but you can learn more about How to keep your messages compliant by reading our article here.

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