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Podio Users: How to Call or Text from a Contact Record using the Chrome Extension
Podio Users: How to Call or Text from a Contact Record using the Chrome Extension

How you can message individual leads directly from your Podio CRM, using the smrtPhone Chrome Extension

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If you are within a Podio Contact Record, you can send a text message or one-click call that contact, if you have the smrtPhone Chrome Extension installed. (Learn how to install it here>>)

When you install the extension, next to each phone number appears two hyperlink buttons that say "▢️ Call | Send Text".

How to Call from a Podio Contact Record

If you'd like to call this individual contact, click the "Call" button link next to the phone number you wish to dial. The Chrome Extension will pop open and place the outbound call for you.

Be aware that if you are already in an ongoing call, and you try to call another lead from Contact Record in Podio this notice will pop up.

This means that you either Add this specific person on this ongoing call (creating a conference) or you just click on the Cancel button, meaning that you will come back to it after the current call finishes.

😊 Friendly reminder, no matter the case, please consider cleaning cash and cookies from time to time.

How to Send a Text/SMS from the Podio Contact Record

You can send an ad-hoc text message to a contact by clicking the "Send Text" link button next to the number you wish to message.

(It is also possible to use the SMS API and Podio Workflow Automation/Globiflow to automate the sending of text messages)

When you press the Send Text button, a Chrome Extension dialogue box will pop up you can start typing your content. While you may type as long of a message as you need, for billing purposes keep in mind that every 160 characters count as a message.

Once you have your message ready, just click Send Message button and you will see the confirmation of your delivery in the same box. It will then close automatically.

❗❗ Note! In order to be able to send text messages like this in Podio, you need to have smrtPhone Chrome Extension installed.

As for using the smrtPhone Chrome Extention, you must have previously purchased a smrtPhone number. The same principle applies to Mobile Apps.

All your messages can be later seen in your SMS Logs (Communications App) and, of course, in your smrtPhone Inbox, within your smrtPhone Dashboard.

❗❗ Be aware that smrtPhone uses different providers as underlying carrier to send SMS/text messages, there are guidelines and rules for business texting that must be followed. Violating the Provider's regulations might affect your account.

For further information about texting and guidelines, you can anytime read more:

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