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Click-to-call - Chrome Extension for easy communication access from any tab

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Our Chrome Extension powers some of the most efficiency-boosting features within smrtPhone. It is optimized for Chrome Browser and with its help you will initiate calls and texts from any browser tab, whether you are in smrtPhone or anywhere else on the internet.

You will enjoy the same good-quality features from any tab. Download the Chrome Extension and start customizing your settings.

  1. Click the blue Add to Chrome button

  2. At the prompt, confirm you would like to Add Extension

  3. Once the extension is installed, pin it to your browser window for maximum efficiency. Click the Chrome Extension puzzle-piece icon 🧩 in the upper right corner of your browser window to display a list of your installed extensions

  4. Click the white pin πŸ“Œ next to smrtPhone - Chrome Dialer so it turns blue. This will pin the extension to your visible Extensions' menu

After you installed, pinned, and customized your Chrome Extension, you will also be able to use this functionality on any tab you're on, and even within your CRM as well.

To use the Click-to-call features, you need to enable its features and when you access it for the first time, you need to allow the extension to use your microphone.

To use the smrtPhone Chrome Extension, you must have at least one number purchased on your smrtPhone account.

One-Click Calling

While on your CRM page, you can also use the option click-to-call, without manually opening the smrtPhone Chrome Extension.

To be able to use click-to-call (in your CRM you will find it under the name One-Click Calling) head to Profile and Enable the extension. Without this step, you cannot use the Chrome Extension.

Also, you must select the number you want to use when calling with the Extension. This has to be a smrtPhone number in your system.

One-Click Calling from your CRM only allows you to call your leads with the action button.

If you want to also use the SMS function provided by smrtPhone, just use the Chrome Extension located in your tab.

You can then open the Contacts from your dashboard and then click on Manage, to see details for a specific lead.

Once you chose the Manage button, on the left side of the detailed lead window you will have access to Call, option provided by the smrtPhone Chrome Extension installation.

Click-to-call feature on your CRM will determine Extension's pop-up to drop down and perform a phone call.

You can use the Call option wherever you see the buttons in your CRM: Contacts, Pipeline, and so on.

This call/text will be linked with smrtPhone and your integrated CRM, Chrome Extension being one of our dialers.

The click-to-call number is not based on the Chrome Extension Caller ID. It is based on settings made inside Profile. It still uses the Chrome Extension, but it uses the number you've chosen from the drop-down list and is always the same unless you manually change it from Profile -> One-Click Calling.

πŸ’‘Answer a call β‡’

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