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Activate the Chrome Extension to Enable Click-to-Call in REISift CRM
Activate the Chrome Extension to Enable Click-to-Call in REISift CRM

Free your calls from just one browser tab by using the Chrome Extension

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The Chrome Extension is a free add-on offered by smrtPhone to make your communications easier. It offers you a cool shortcut to stop chasing tabs to answer or initiate a phone call, you can see recent calls, see notes, and statuses, return recent calls, or read and send SMS text messages.

If you would like one-click dialing or texting from within REISift, you must have the smrtPhone Chrome Extension enabled.

Install the Chrome Extension following these instructions here: How to Install the Chrome Extension >>, and moreover, find out about the different Chrome Extension Settings options available for this product >>

After you installed, pinned, and customized your Chrome Extension, you will also be able to use this functionality on any tab you're on, and even within your CRM as well.

While on your CRM page, you can also use the option click-to-call, without opening the extension.

On the right part of the screen, on each record, you will see the phone icon and the Send message options, which are linked to this extension.

By pressing either the phone icon or the message text, you will initiate a call or send an SMS text message to the particular record contacts that you selected.

On clicking, either the Extension's banner shows up - if it is a call, or the Compose a message pop-up appears.

Once the call is finalized / the message was sent, the pop-ups will hide again, until you need them again.

As for using the smrtPhone Chrome Extention, you must have previously purchased a smrtPhone number. The same principle applies to Mobile Apps.

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