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Certain country regulations require company addresses to complete phone number purchases. (Not currently in the U.S.)

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It's important that smrtPhone and our underlying providers follow all country regulations. In some regions, address verification is required for phone number purchases.

In the Addresses section of the Admin Panel, you can manage your corporate address.


In some countries, regulatory requirements mandate we collect information about the phone number’s end-user before we can allocate a number. In cases where we are required to collect the end user's address, we validate the address with an external provider.

A current, correct company address that is verified to your business is a requirement in this scenario.

Addresses contain the name of your company or your customer’s company in addition to location information. You may also add an optional friendly nickname to make it easier to manage multiple addresses.

Each Address created on your smrtPhone account can be used for any phone numbers purchased on that account. Once an address is created, it can be used to satisfy the requirements for any phone number where address is required.

You can add an Address directly from Admin Dashboard > Admin > Addresses, by pressing the Add new Address button.

Complete all fields and confirm by pressing Add address.

Once the address is saved, you will need to wait for validation, which may take a few days. Once the validation is complete, you can get the specified phone numbers directly from our Phone Numbers menu.

Why is Address Validation Important?

Regulators and operators may request our underlying service provider provide end-user data at any time. In some countries, end-user data must be held by the underlying operator or the regulatory agency in the country.

To ensure we have valid address data linked to each phone number, we use a third-party address validation service.

In What Countries Does the Provider Validate Addresses?

We currently enforce address validation for addresses in Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

If you are located in the US, you do not have to do anything here, there are currently no regulations for this matter.

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