What is a SAN and why do I need one?

A SAN is required to be in compliance with the DNC regulations, including scrubbing of lead lists.

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Any U.S. company doing outbound calls to lead lists needs to be registered with the FCC to ensure you are complying with the rules of the Do Not Call registry (DNC).

Although people cringe at the word, outbound callers to lead lists are technically telemarketers and must comply with the associated regulations. (We know you are the nice telemarketers who are trying to add legitimate value to prospects! Still, the laws apply to you, too.)

An important step in scrubbing lists is to register yourself with the DNC and receive a SAN.

What is a SAN?

It stands for Subscription Account Number. It signifies that you have agreed to abide by the regulations governing the Do Not Call registry.

Who needs a SAN?

Any company that will be doing outbound sales calls to individual consumers requires a SAN.

Why should I get a SAN?

A SAN is required for any company selling goods or services by phone.

How do I get a SAN?

The only way to get a SAN is to register directly with the DNC at: https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/ . You can then log your SAN within the smrtPhone Trust Center, when it launches, to complete your business profile.

Do I have to renew my SAN?

Yes, you will be prompted to renew your SAN on an annual basis.

How much does a SAN cost?

While the SAN itself is for your company and the profile is free, you must subscribe to specific area codes to receive the DNC information for that region.

The first five (5) area codes are free, and then you must pay per area code where you will be calling.

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