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Starting your smrtPhone Trial
How to Set Up a smrtPhone Trial
How to Set Up a smrtPhone Trial

In this article, we walk you through how to set up a smrtPhone Trial Account

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This is a comprehensive guide to set up your smrtPhone Free Trial. Follow the steps and customize the smrtPhone Account. Moreover, you can access the Documentation for more information.

1. Set Up Your CRM Workspace

smrtPhone is constantly growing, and that means we integrate with more and more CRMs every year. Our documentation will help you set up your integration, no matter which CRM you choose. The first step to setting up a smrtPhone account is to ensure your CRM is properly set up to connect to smrtPhone.

You must have:

  • An active CRM account

  • Administrative rights to your CRM account

  • Contacts within your CRM that smrtPhone can connect with

  • Phone Number fields that are set as a phone number type (not text)

To learn more about setting up your CRM to connect to smrtPhone, follow these links:

Podio Users: Along with administrative rights, you must have a Paid Podio Plan.

(Disclaimer: This video walks you through the setup of a smrtPhone Free Trial for an InvestorFuse Account. However, the steps are the same for all CRMs)

You have to choose the CRM right from the beginning, from the drop-down menu.

Also, for legal reasons, we added an extra step, Identify Your Business, that is currently missing from the video, being only presented in the article.

2. Complete the Start Free Trial Form

All new smrtPhone accounts start in Trial. You can activate at any time within the first 30 days. Many clients choose to skip the limitations of the trial and go straight into a full subscription. It's up to you! But the initial step is always the same: completing the form.

Go to the Start Trial form from and click on the green Start Trial button.

If you are coming to smrtPhone from an affiliate, make sure you use the affiliate's unique link, to be automatically credited to them and receive any discounts they may be offering.

Complete the form, and at this step, choose your CRM from the drop-down menu.

Make sure to review our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy before submitting the form.

3. Connect Your CRM System to smrtPhone

Now that you've chosen your CRM, it's time to connect! Select the Connect Now button.

(For CRMs still in Beta, Users might need to use CTRL + Q / Command + Q to reveal their CRM.)

Choose your CRM to begin the setup, and select Grant Access so that smrtPhone can sync contacts, call notes, and other important communication activity from your CRM.

If you have no CRM, we recommend scheduling a meeting with our Success Team to understand why a CRM is necessary, as smrtPhone cannot be used without one.

Schedule a meeting to book time with one of our incredible Customer Success Team members.

4. Sync Contacts

Once you've authorized smrtPhone to access your CRM system, you will identify where your Contacts live. Use the drop-down menus to set where your contacts' information resides and follow any prompts to map appropriate fields.

Name and Phone Number are required, but you can include additional fields depending on your CRM. Select Save and Continue.

At this point, smrtPhone will begin the syncing process. If your Contacts database is large, this may take a few minutes.

For some CRMs, this is the point when you connect via the API Key found in your CRM. Investorfuse, REISift, and ForeFront CRM are required to provide the API Key.

5. Install smrtPhone Apps - Podio Users Only

For Podio Users, smrtPhone requires a Communications App to be installed into your workspace that will enable call, text, and voicemail tracking. Using the dropdown menu, select the same workspace in which your Contacts App resides.

Since Podio requires another extra step, you might want to watch this video below.

6. Select a smrtPhone Plan

Yes, your smrtPhone trial is a free subscription! However, you will still select which plan you want to activate when the Trial ends. You can activate sooner at any time during the trial, or your subscription will automatically update at the end of the Trial if you have not canceled.

To learn more about the smrtPhone plans, check out our website pricing comparison. If you select annual billing, you receive 20% off subscription fees.

To start your Trial, you must enter your credit card information. You will not be charged a subscription fee until your free trial ends, either by manual activation or by the trial period ending. If you cancel at any time during your free Trial, you will not be charged a subscription fee.

We start your trial with a $7 credit to help you secure a phone number and make your first calls and texts. Once that credit runs out, you will need to pay for usage, which is another reason we retain your credit card information from the start.

For your first login to smrtPhone, use the email associated with registration and the password you received. Once you log in for the first time, you can create unique smrtPhone credentials or use CRM credentials (depending on your CRM).

7. Identify Your Business

To comply with U.S. federal and state telecom regulations, we are required to gather and keep information on our customers. You are required to submit basic information about your company, including naming authorized representatives.

Inaccurate information may result in your account being suspended, or having reduced functionality until your business details can be confirmed.

If you do not communicate with U.S.-based contacts, you may reach out to our Support team on Live Chat and have this step waived for your business.

8. Do a Happy Dance 🕺

Congrats! You have now successfully created a smrtPhone account. Use your $7 credit to purchase a phone number and become familiar with the system.

Here are some ideas of what to do next:

If you need more information, you can access our Support and Help Documentation from the question mark icon❓in the upper right menu.

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