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Activate a smrtPhone account fully integrated with your CRM

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When starting a new smrtPhone account, you must have:

  • An active CRM account - For the Beta integration you can use a free Tape account

  • Administrative rights to your CRM account - You need to be an admin at least in the Workspace that will be connected to smrtPhone

  • Contacts within your CRM App that smrtPhone can connect with

  • Phone Number fields that are set as a phone number type (not text)

Steps while Creating your smrtPhone Account:

1. Get your CRM ready

Make sure that the Workspace and the Contacts App are ready for sync. Verify them before the synchronization to ensure a smooth process.

Just to let you know, you need administrative rights in the Workspace you want to link with smrtPhone.

2. Start Free Trial

Complete the web form

If you have not received a direct link to the Tape landing page, you can still sign up! Go to the Start Trial form from smrtphone.io and click the green Start Trial button.

Since you are coming to smrtPhone from Tape, make sure you use the unique link/discount code from Tape CRM, to be automatically placed on the 2 free months subscription for Beta.

start free trial form

Choose the Tape CRM from the list available

Once in the new smrtPhone tab, you see a list with the current integrated CRMs. Pick Tape from the list and continue with the setup.

Once you get this step you need to confirm your choice. Click on the πŸ“Ό Tape logo and proceed to connect your CRM.

3. Enter the API Key from your Tape Dashboard

Keep the smrtPhone tab open and open your Tape CRM Dashboard in another. Access the upper right corner, under your profile, Name > Preferences > API, and copy the API token.

Then paste it in the smrtPhone tab, where is required, back in the smrtPhone tab.

4. Sync contacts

On the smrtPhone tab, authorize smrtPhone to access your contacts, then grab the options from the drop-down menus. Next, select the Workspace and the Contacts App that you want to be linked.

start trial sync contacts

After this step, locate the Contacts App that you would like to sync. Only Name and Phone Number are mandatory/required from the drop-down menu, but you can include additional fields depending on your CRM. Select Save and Continue.

Install Apps

From the drop-down menu, select the Apps that you want to be connected to your new smrtPhone account, the app where your contacts live.

Select the plan

As a beta tester, your smrtPhone subscription is going to be free for 2 months, and then it will automatically bill for the 3rd month if you have not canceled. Starting from day one, you are responsible for usage, which is another reason we collect your credit card information at the beginning.

smrtPhone pricing plans

Once this step is done, your smrtPhone Dashboard opens up and you can start your identity verification to be able to fully enjoy the integration. You cannot place outbound communications (calls or texts) without verifying your identity, which takes mere minutes.

You must also verify your business to enable STIR/SHAKEN to comply with FCC regulation. Business verification takes a bit longer usually 2-7 days. Once it is complete, you can begin your A2P registration process, which allows you to send business texts (even 1:1, conversational texting requires A2P 10DLC registration)

5. Activate your account

As a beta tester, you have 2 free months of smrtPhone Pro. You should activate your account as soon as possible to remove the trial limitations and be able to fully test the integration and help us perfect the connection.

6. Enjoy your integration

πŸ₯³ Happy phoning! πŸ“ž

If you need any help with smrtPhone, do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team and check out the Documentation.

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