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Starting your smrtPhone Trial
How to Activate Your smrtPhone Subscription
How to Activate Your smrtPhone Subscription

In order to take full advantage of smrtPhone and to remove the trial limitations, you will need to activate your subscription

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The smrtPhone trial has a free, but limited, subscription. To make calls longer than 3 minutes, secure additional phone numbers, and use all features, you must activate and pay for a subscription.

To access all features of smrtPhone, you need to activate your subscription.

At any point during your trial, you can activate a full subscription using the button at the top of your dashboard.

Choose your Subscription level

Upon signing up for a free trial you are prompted to select the subscription level you want upon activation. If you change your mind after using the Free Trial, you can head to the Trial Period Details section to choose the plan you wish to activate.

Choose between:

  • smrtPhone Standard or smrtPhone Pro

  • Monthly payments or Annual subscription (at a 20% discount)

Click on the Change Plan box if you'd like to update.

Activate Subscription

To activate your subscription there are two steps:

  1. Select Activate: Click the button on the dashboard or under Trial Period Details that says Activate Subscription.

  2. Confirm Activation: Confirm the details of your activation, including the payment to be immediately charged. Select Activate or Cancel to make the appropriate adjustments.

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