To get access to all of the features of smrtPhone, you need to activate your subscription.

The smrtPhone trial has a free, but limited, subscription. To be able to make calls that are longer than 3 minutes or secure additional phone numbers (among other features) you must activate and pay for your subscription.

You can activate your subscription using the button at the top of your dashboard.

First, Confirm Your Subscription Level

When you signed up for the free trial, you selected the subscription level you wanted upon activation. But, you may have changed your mind after using the free trial. Before you activate, go to the Trial Period Details section to make sure you're set to activate the right plan.

If you want to change what you had previously selected - now is the time to update! Click "Change Plan" if you'd like to update.

Activate Subscription

Once everything is set the way you want it, to activate your subscription, you need to take two steps:

  1. Select Activate. Click the button on the dashboard or under Trial Period Details that says "Activate Subscription."

  2. Confirm Activation It will ask you to confirm this is what you want - including indicating the payment that will be immediately charged. If all looks good, click Activate. If it does not look correct, click cancel, make the appropriate adjustments and try again.

Now that you've activated your subscription, read about navigating and managing the Admin Dashboard >>

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