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How to Modify your Current smrtPhone Plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your smrtPhone plan from inside the dashboard

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Each smrtPhone plan comes with its own benefits and different costs. There are some differences between a Standard and a Pro Subscription in terms of pricing and accessing features. (see pricing here )

Standard Subscription

A Standard Subscription provides you with features like:

Pro Subscription

A Pro Subscription includes all of the above, plus:

You can learn more about these benefits by reading this article here: How does smrtPhone pricing work? β‡’

Upgrading to a Pro Subscription

If you have a Standard Subscription and you want to upgrade to the Pro Subscription, you simply need to access your upper right corner Dashboard - as an Account Owner.

Select Billing & Logs, and then click on Products.

Here, along with all the smrtPhone subscriptions that you purchased, you can see the option to Upgrade, on the right side.

Select this option, and then Confirm your choice. And now you can enjoy the Pro Plan features.

Downgrading to a Standard Subscription

The steps are exactly the same when it comes to downgrading. The first step is to access the Admin Dashboard > My Account > Billing & Logs > Products, and then just select the Downgrade option.

downgrade plan

Of course, there will always be the possibility to upgrade from a Standard Subscription to a Pro one.

Switching Between Annual and Monthly

You can switch between the two types of subscriptions, taking into consideration the changes that this switch will imply.

When switching from a Monthly to an Annual subscription, you receive a discount for prepaying the year, 2 free months.

When switching from an Annual to a Monthly subscription, you retain all of the features you love, but will begin paying the monthly rate.


Billed Annual

Billed Monthly


$62 / month

$75 / month


$104 / month

$125 / month

While you can set the change from Annual to Monthly at any time, you cannot get a refund. The credit will be added to your Stripe account and used for the next subscription payments.

πŸͺ™ This action is only permitted to the Account Owner and Users with the applicable Finance & Billing permissions.

If you need more information about what happens to your bills when upgrading or downloading the subscription, please read this article here: What happens to billing when I change my subscription level? β‡’

πŸ’‘ Monthly Usage and Charges β‡’

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