Text Messages and Voicemails are accessible from your Inbox.

<< Ensure your phone numbers are enabled to receive text messages

When logged in to smrtPhone from a web browser, your Inbox is accessible from the left navigation, from the menu icon that looks like two conversation bubbles.

In your Inbox you will find two sections with the following subsections:


  • Text messages for you personally

  • Voicemails for you personally


  • Group Names

    • Text messages for your Groups

    • Voicemails for your Groups

Note: If you need to be added or removed from a Group, please talk to your Account Administrator.

How to read your text messages

When you click into the main Inbox section of smrtPhone, there are two options at the top of the submenu under the header "Messages": Inbox and Voicemail.

Your text messages will appear in the Inbox of this section, and should be the default when clicking in. You can select any message from the list, read, and reply directly from this interface.

How to read text messages sent to your Group

Depending how your administrator sets up your text message inbound communication/call flows, you may receive messages that are not necessarily sent to you personally but rather distributed to a group of which you are an assigned member.

To read and respond to messages that have been routed to a Group, look under the "Groups" section of the Inbox. Click in to the Group that you are focused on. From there, you will be able to select the Inbox (text messages) or Voicemail for that Group.

How to listen to your voicemail

Listening to your personal voicemail or voicemails distributed to one of your Groups is the same as reading your text messages.

  • For personal voicemail: Click the Voicemail option under "Messages"

  • For Group voicemail: First select the Group, then select voicemail.

How to read your text messages on the Mobile App >>

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