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How to View Text Messages and Listen to Voicemail on the Web App
How to View Text Messages and Listen to Voicemail on the Web App

Learn about the smrtPhone inbox feature for our browser application

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Text Messages and Voicemails are accessible from your Inbox.


When logged in to smrtPhone from a web browser, your Inbox is accessible from the left navigation, from the menu icon that looks like two conversation bubbles.

In your Inbox, you will find two sections with the following subsections:


  • Text messages for you personally

  • Voicemails for you personally


  • Team Names

    • Text messages for your Teams

    • Voicemails for your Teams

If you need to be added or removed from a Teams, please talk to your Account Owner or the User who has appropriate Activity Management permissions.

Notification on Screen

You are also notified on the screen with a small popup and a gentle sound every time you receive a voicemail (or a text message/MMS).

You can disable these notifications by accessing the upper right corner of your

Dashboard > My Account > Toggle Notifications and set the Inbox Alert notification off.

Read your Text Messages

Click into the main Inbox section of smrtPhone. There are two options at the top of the submenu under the header Messages: Inbox and Voicemail.

Your text messages will appear in the Inbox of this section and should be the default when clicking in. You can select any message from the list, read it, and reply directly from this interface.

Perform Inbox Actions from your Text Messages

Use quick Inbox actions to save time and organize your inbound communication. Once you've selected any text message from your Inbox, you will see an Actions drop-down menu. From here, you can:

  • Create a Contact directly from the incoming text message

  • Call the sender back

  • Mark the Message Unread, so that you can easily return attention to it later

  • Mark the number as Spam

  • Delete the message

Read Text Messages Sent to Your Team

Depending on how your text message inbound communication/call flows are set up, you may receive messages that are not necessarily sent to you personally but rather distributed to a team of which you are an assigned member.

To read and respond to messages that have been routed to a team, look under the Teams section of the Inbox. Click on the Team that you are focused on. From there, you will be able to select the Inbox (text messages) or Voicemail for that Team.

View Sender

In the Team Inbox on the Web App, you can view which of your users sent an outgoing message by rolling over the User icon next to the message. A label will pop up with the user's name. This is helpful for better team management and training, as well as record-keeping.

Don't forget that you can also see this information in your SMS logs.

Listen to Your Voicemail

Listening to your personal voicemail or voicemails distributed to one of your teams is the same as reading your text messages.

  • For personal voicemail: Click the Voicemail option under Messages

  • For Team voicemail: First, select the Team, then select Voicemail

Also, you can select the option to get a transcript of the voicemails you receive. These transcripts will be visible within your Web App Inbox tab.

Bulk Actions

Within the Inbox, you have the possibility to mark all your messages and voicemails—individual and from teams—and perform bulk actions on them.

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