The most basic and standard applet within the SMS Flow Editor is the SMS Inbox Applet. This is the one which tells the system where to route the incoming message.

If you would like a User or a Group of users to receive an incoming message to one of your smrtPhone numbers, you must tell the system which inbox to which it should route the message.

If you do not have an SMS Flow set for one of your smrtPhone numbers, you will not receive messages sent to it. The simplest SMS Flow out there is simply this one Applet (SMS Inbox)-- it says to the system: "When I get a text message, make sure _(user/group)_ sees it."

SMS Inbox

To set this command, go to your Admin Dashboard > Call Flow tab and then select Create SMS Flow (if never created one) or click on the envelope icon to modify the one you previously created.

The SMS Inbox applet allows you to store all your inbound messages in the Inbox for a User or a Group. That user or group will see the unread message badge on their inbox icon to prompt them to reply to the message.

Configuring which Inbox to Send the Inbound Text to

Once you drag this applet into your SMS flow, ensure all of the settings are exactly as you want them.

  • Owner - who receives the messages: an individual User or a Group?

  • User Inbox - Use the drop down to select which User or Group the message will go to, based on your Owner toggle.

  • SMS notification

    • Yes - a notification will be sent on an alternative phone number/set of numbers that you provided. If you want to add multiple numbers to get a notification, each number will be added to a separate new line in the box. Note: each notification sent will be billed as a separate text message.

    • No - no notification

  • Trigger Webhook

    • Yes - triggers an HTTP POST webhook when the message is received (can be used with Globiflow Webhooks)

    • No - nothing happens when a message is received, no trigger

🥳 All Set!

Now just save Flow as you set it now. You can always come back and re-customize it as you like.

You can always find your Inbox Messages (along with Voicemail recordings) in your Admin Dashboard > Inbox.

❗❗❗ Please, be aware of texting policies and regulations!

For more customizable features, please check:

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