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Can I Convert an Annual Subscription into Monthly Payments?
Can I Convert an Annual Subscription into Monthly Payments?

What happens if I accidentally signed up for annual subscription when I wanted monthly?

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Annual subscriptions are priced at a discount versus 12 months of the monthly pricing (2 free months). We have a firm refund policy on Annual subscriptions with one exception: If you select the plan by accident and alert us within 24 hours, we will happily work with you to transfer your annual subscription into a monthly one, either by giving you call credit or, in limited circumstances, giving you a percentage refund.

Furthermore, you are not locked into staying with an annual subscription year over year. You can move back to a monthly plan at any time from the Billing & Logs > Product page. Once your annual plan term is complete, you will switch over to being billed monthly.

The change from Annual to Monthly will take effect at the end of the annual subscription. The new monthly plan will be set at whatever the subscription price is at that time.

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