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KPI Reporting - Team Performance
KPI Reporting - Team Performance

Where to go to understand how your users and agents are performing

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Team Performance

The second option under the Reports menu is Team Performance Reports.

kpi reports team

These reports are designed to help you understand the differences, strengths, and weaknesses, of individuals on your team or teams. From the drop-down menu, pick the members of the team you are interested in or even entire teams.

Once you pick up the agents/teams, you will be able to find out how they performed in a given timeframe.

kpi team all view

For both Timeline and Agent Report, you can choose up to 5 metrics.


Choose from up to 5 metrics from the ones available in the drop-down menu.

Total Outbound Calls

smrtPhone Outbound Calls

smrtDialer Calls

Total Talk Time

smrtPhone Talk Time

smrtDialer Talk Time

Total Answer Rate

smrtPhone Answer Rate

smrtDialer Answer Rate

Average Call Duration

smrtPhone Average Call

smrtDialer Average Call

Average Call Inbound

Average Call Outbound

Text Messages Sent

Text Messages Received

Voicemails Sent

Voicemails Received

Inbound Calls

Inbound Calls Answered

Missed Calls

Outbound Calls Not Answered

smrtDialer Session Count

Calls Answered

smrtPhone Calls Answered

smrtDialer Calls Answered

Calls under 3 minutes

Calls under 5 minutes

Calls under 20 minutes

From Total Talk time to Voicemails and SMS you can sort all the data for each and every agent, save Views, and also download it.

In the Timeline graph, there's a second Y-Axis for time-based metrics, so now you can easily mix and match all the metrics.

Agent Report

For the Agent Report, you can also use 5 metrics of your choice from the same list, and see the data split by Agent's names that you selected above.

If you chose to put all the agents in the search bar, and not select one or few, then in the Agent Report graph, drag the scroll bar left and right to see all your agents.

When selecting the metrics, pick them carefully to create a relevant report. Too many mixed metrics may throw an error. In that case, just go back and change metrics to be from the same spectrum.

Call Statuses

At the bottom of the dashboard, the 2 graphs show both smrtPhone (inbound or outbound) and smrtDialer Call Statuses (only outbound), for the agents you selected above in the timeframe previously set.

Also, you can use the graphs as they are (with all statuses) or sort both tabs of statuses by 4 categories: Answered, Not Answered, Missed, and Busy - for smrtPhone and Answered, Not Answered, Busy, and Failed - for smrtDialer

When you click on any of the statuses from the results, the Call Logs tab opens, showing all resulting calls.

This newly opened smrtPhone logs tab will have the call status filter already set, being exactly the one you just clicked in the reporting section. You can change filters or export the results as they are.

How to use Team Performance Reports

The Team Performance reports are an excellent way to identify your strongest team members who may have the wisdom to share with others or become a model for the type of agent you should hire as you grow.

Teams (members) that show weaker performance can also be identified, so you can give them additional training and understand the challenges they face that hold them back.

Overall, this report can help you set reasonable standards for what can be expected of your team members, in terms of activity.

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