View Call and Text Message Logs

Use the smrtPhone Web App to view Call, Text (SMS/MMS) activity using a variety of filters

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Call and Text Logs are a great way to understand your billing, as well as get an overview of communication activity. From inside your smrtPhone Web App, you'll get more detail, especially regarding pricing, than you'll see in your CRM. Please note that, depending on your User Permissions, you may not be able to access the logs outlined in this article.

Call Logs and SMS logs report on all Communications transactions by month.

Here's a video to give you an overview of Logs:

Where Can I Find Billing & Logs?

Your logs are available under your Account Menu, in the upper right corner.

Your logs are separated by type of communication:

Call Logs

When looking at your Call Logs, note that there are multiple filters to specify your search:

  • User - Who placed or received the call

  • Direction - Inbound or Outbound

  • Status

  • From Number*

  • To Number*

  • Price

  • Duration

  • Time Frame

The Creation Date / Price/ Duration filters can be sorted further using the up/down arrows. From the results, you can also view:

  • CRM Item - This takes you to the call record in your CRM

  • Associated Call Recording - Where you can listen or delete the recording

When filtering with the phone number, type the whole number. Just a few digits will not provide any result.

  • Accepted: 12345678912 / +12345678912

  • Not accepted: 12345 / 123 / 12345678 and so on

  • Also not accepted: any spaces or parenthesis: (123) 45678912

Downloading Call Logs

Use the same filters to create an accurate report and export the Call Logs. Access Billing & Logs > Call Logs. Once here, you will see the Export button grayed out. It will remain like this until you start entering filter criteria. You cannot export all call logs available on your account at once due to the large amount of data that you might have. You can only export them after filtering and downloading the results.

Set the filters to obtain only the data you need—all logs from a user with a certain call status, for example—and then, after the list is generated, press the upper-right button Export.

This will save your report for any call logs with certain filters in an Excel format on your computer.

If your filters don't bring any results, the export will not succeed, and you will get an error. Add valid filters for the best results.

The exporting function is only available for Call Logs.

Push a recording to your CRM

Sometimes, for various reasons, some recordings are not properly sent to your CRM. If this is the case, access Billing & Logs > Call Logs, and then you will see in the right column a 🔁 refresh button. Pressing it will resend the recording to your CRM.

Be aware that if you activate it multiple times, the recording will be sent to your CRM as many times as you click.

SMS Logs

Similar to Call Logs, you can view and filter for:

  • Time Frame

  • Direction of text messages: Inbound or Outbound

  • From Number

  • To Number

  • Content - Hover over Show Content and the message will appear

  • Price

Note: SMS texts are charged per 160 characters. Texts that are longer than 160 characters will be charged as two messages, even though for most carriers they appear to the recipient as a single message.

Note: When filtering by number, do not include the ➕ sign in front of the number. You can include a partial number, and the results will include all numbers that contain that sequence of digits anywhere in the phone number.

Example use case: search for all numbers with a specific area code.

Finding Logs Outside of smrtPhone

For Calls and SMS, any User can find the logs within their CRM:

  • 🌐 Podio - Communications App (SMS/Call)

  • ☁️ Salesforce - Tasks (SMS/Call)

  • 🏔️ InvestorFuse - Activity and Communications Tab (SMS/Call Logs)

  • 🥷 REISift - Records (SMS/Call Logs)

  • 🟧 Forefront - Contacts (SMS/Call Logs)

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