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Customize and manage your Salesforce smrtPhone integration settings

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Salesforce users who have the proper smrtPhone account permissions can customize settings related to the integration between smrtPhone and your Salesforce CRM.

The first customization you did was when you created your smrtPhone Trial Account.

These settings are customizable at any point by the Account Owner by accessing the Dashboard -> Admin Tab -> Salesforce Setup.

Salesforce Setup Page

Resyncing Contacts

While accessing the Salesforce Setup Page you have control over resyncing your contacts, by using the green button Resync Contacts.

These synced contacts are the total number of records pulled into the Contacts Page in smrtPhone. If there are duplicates created, they are counted in Contacts - even if they are in Leads and Opportunity and so on. You can also see the type of contact that lead is representing and choose the right one.

These duplicates were created because the type is different for each entry, yet it represents the same person/phone number. This might result in different numbers displayed for contacts in smrtPhone versus the CRM.

General Settings

  • Autocomplete new tasks - Tasks created by new Leads will be automatically set as Completed.

  • Relate Tasks to Opportunities - Tasks will be related to Opportunities instead of the Account or Contact. easing the search.

  • Autocomplete Inbound SMS Tasks - Tasks created by new Inbound SMS will be automatically set as Completed, except for the first one.

  • Determine Default Call Owner - you can set who is going to be the Default Call Owner for newly unassigned created Tasks

The Autocomplete Tasks function is both calls and text messages. If you want the system to complete the tasks only for SMS and not calls, just toggle on the last option, Inbound SMS.

Moreover, in this window, you can also Change the Account Connection. This means that you can change the user that holds the account connection between the CRM (Salesforce) and the smrtPhone system. This user has to be an admin in your CRM.

The Salesforce Token expires every 6 months if not activated, and when trying to log in you get an error. The easiest troubleshooting is to log out and log back in using the Login with Salesforce option.

Yet, if this Account Connection user logs in with Salesforce Credentials keeps the token active.

Also, the Company Address is a mandatory field.

We recommend that these fields be populated because allow the system to create call owners and get API keys.

Creating Lead Options:

The default setting is that all calls with contacts who are not in your CRM ("Unknown") create a lead record in your Salesforce, whether they are inbound or outbound. You can customize how this works, based on the smrtPhone number being used for the call.

The options include:

  1. All calls to/from Unknown contacts create Lead records

  2. Calls to only specific smrtPhone numbers create Lead records

  3. Lead records are never created for communication with an Unknown contact

If you select Specific, add numbers, and then delete them, yet the Selected remained toggled on, this means that the system will not create any Lead for Unknown Caller, either Inbound or Outbound.


  • To create a lead record for all calls to all of your smrtPhone numbers, slide the toggle to All Numbers (this is the default.)

  • To create a lead record for calls only to specific smrtPhone numbers in your phone number portfolio, slide the toggle to Specific. A field will appear where you can search and enter the smrtPhone numbers for which you would like to create lead records. Any number left off of this list will not create a lead record.

  • To never automatically create a lead for an inbound call from an Unknown number, slide the toggle bubble to Specific and then leave the phone number field empty.


  • To create a lead record for outbound calls made to any number that is not currently in your contacts, slide the Toggle to All Numbers (this is the default.)

  • To create a lead record only for calls made from certain smrtPhone Caller IDs, slide the toggle to Specific. In the newly-appeared field, enter the smrtPhone Caller IDs for which you'd like to create leads when you dial a number that is not in your current contacts. Any smrtPhone Caller ID left off of this list will not create a lead record when dialing an Unknown contact.

  • To never automatically create a lead for outbound calls to Unknown contacts, slide the toggle to Specific but then leave the Caller ID field empty.

For example: your smrtPhone numbers used for Sales can be set to always create a new lead for both inbound and outbound communication involving a number that is not currently in your contacts, while the smrtPhone number given to your vendors can be excluded from ever creating a lead record.

✔️ smrtPhone looks for Opportunity first, then Account and Contacts, then Lead, only if Relate task to Opportunity option is toggled on.

Also, you can Select Relate Tasks to Opportunities button and Tasks will be related to Opportunities instead of the Account or Contact.

Customize Call Statuses

You can customize, delete or add up to 10 personalized call statuses for your Incoming and Outgoing communication via smrtPhone.

You can simply edit this in the Setup Page for:

Inbound Calls:

You can add one of these statuses that you configured for your account for all your Incoming calls. You can add up to 10 statuses.

Outbound Calls:

All Outgoing calls can be marked with one of these custom statuses that you personalized here. Like in the Inbound Call Statuses case, you can add up to 10 call statuses.

Learn more about creating customized Call Statuses by reading this article here: Create custom call statuses in smrtPhone ⇢

View integration logs

See errors and issues that might occur related to smrtPhone attempting to push information into Salesforce.

Salesforce Errors (if any) are listed here for you to help identify issues with the Salesforce setup that affect the smrtPhone integration. We list these errors for you to better understand and identify what could have been missed or wrong with a call/text message due to automation in your system.

If you have any concerns about Salesforce Errors, do not hesitate to call out your Development Team or reach out to our Support Team on Live Chat.

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