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Where to Find Your API Token to Integrate REISift CRM with smrtPhone
Where to Find Your API Token to Integrate REISift CRM with smrtPhone

How to locate the REISift API Token for smrtPhone

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An API Token from REISift is required to be entered into your configuration with smrtPhone to ensure a proper integration.

If you need any help to create a new brand new smrtPhone account, you can check this article here: Setting up a smrtPhone Account for use in your CRM.

To connect smrtPhone with your CRM, you now need to add an API Key. This API Key is to be found within your main REISift dashboard, within Settings -> Integrations -> smrtPhone.

The next step is to click on Install Integration blue button and then click to copy the API Key that you can find there. You will paste that key back into your smrtPhone configuration.

The blue refresh button next to the key box allows you to get a new key every time you click it.

Note: for the initial account connection, this is a one-time action.

Later on, the Account Owner can choose to change their API Key straight from the smrtPhone Admin Dashboard -> REISift Setup Tab if needed.

πŸ‘‹ We recommend you familiarize yourself with the new user setup guide. It will provide guidance with activities such as how to buy numbers, configure flows for inbound calls and text messages, and manage users.

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