Whether you're a brand new user of smrtPhone or a loyal client who wants to log in, the process of logging in to our system is quite simple.

No matter which CRM you use, the steps are the same. At the moment, some clients must log in exclusively with smrtPhone credentials, others have the option to log in with their CRM's credentials.

Logging in by Email

The first option, available to everyone, is to log in using the email address and password used to create your smrtPhone User account.

smrtPhone Credentials - easy creation

If you didn't create smrtPhone credentials while creating your account, follow these steps to make them.

  • Go to the smrtPhone Dashboard from your computer browser

  • From the Account menu in the upper right, select My Account

  • Under Users Details, use the option to change/create smrtPhone credentials

Note: If you were invited to smrtPhone by email and do not have access to your company's CRM, you must use this option.

Log in with Podio

To log in using your Podio credentials, click the Podio icon and use the email and password you use to log in to Podio.

Log in with Salesforce

To log in using your Salesforce credentials, click the Salesforce icon use the email and password you use to log in to Salesforce.

InvestorFuse Users

At this point, you can only log in using smrtPhone credentials. You can click the InvestorFuse icon to go to a second screen but you must enter your smrtPhone email and password. To save a step, just enter them on the first screen.

Note: As soon as InvestorFuse will have OAuth, you will have the option to use your IF3 credentials.

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