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How to Log In to the Mobile App
How to Log In to the Mobile App

You can use your smrtPhone credentials or log in with your CRM* credentials

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After you have downloaded the smrtPhone Mobile App, you have two options for logging in:

  1. Using your smrtPhone account email/password (all current CRMs)

  2. Logging in with your CRM credentials (Podio and Salesforce Users only)

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Logging in with smrtPhone Credentials

Logging in with smrtPhone credentials is available to every User, regardless of which CRMs they use. Logging in with CRM credentials is only available for CRMs that provide login solutions, which currently includes Salesforce and Podio.

smrtPhone Credentials

To log into the mobile app using your smrtPhone account email and password, simply enter them at the prompt.

If you were invited to smrtPhone by email and do not have access to your company's CRM, you must use this option.

How to Change smrtPhone Login Credentials

Your smrtPhone Credentials represent the email and password you set when you created your account.

Using CRM Credentials, you can create smrtPhone credentials and sign in to the Mobile App using those.

Log into the smrtPhone Web App using Login with CRM.

From within the smrtPhone Web App, your account settings are accessible from the menu in the upper right corner.

On the General Tab, you can use the Change Password feature to create smrtPhone login credentials.

You can then use these to log in to the Mobile App.

Find detailed information in this article here: How to create smrtPhone Credentials β‡’

Selecting an Organization

Once logged in, if you are a member of multiple smrtPhone accounts, you will choose which account you want to use.

You may only use one account at a time in the Mobile App, but you may switch between accounts under Settings.

You cannot log into the Mobile App if you do not have a phone number in your smrtPhone account. You must have at least one in your account to log in.

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