This article will help you understand the importance of secured data and how you can be safe within smrtPhone by enabling two-factor authentication.

🛡Verification is an essential step in online relationships with users.

  1. Why do you need Two Factor Authentication?

  2. How does Two Factor Authentication work?

  3. How does Two Factor Authentication offer you better protection?

1. Why do you need Two Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (also referred to as dual-factor authentication or two-step authentication) is a security process in which users provide 2 different authentication factors to verify themselves.

This is an extra security layer to your account and for your business. Soon, it will be mandatory for all smrtPhone accounts; right now it is an optional setting that we strongly encourage.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an important verification step for you and your users' online security. Even a strong passcode/access key-code can be compromised and 2FA provides a second layer of security.

Using a second way of verifying yourself increases the chances of having a well-protected account and workspace.

2. How does Two Factor Authentication work?

Two Factor Authentication requires a non-smrtPhone mobile phone number or an Authy/Google Authenticator App.

To get verified, access your Account Menu > My Account from the smrtPhone Dashboard (upper right). In the Two Factor Authentication section, add your phone number, and press "Send code via SMS".

Within seconds you will receive a code on your phone, ready to be inserted into the verification box. Type it in and click finish.

Note: please, before pressing the "Finish" action button, you will get some recovery codes for you to copy and save.

Keep these recovery codes in a safe place, as a backup recovery option for your account. Once you use one of these 10 recovery codes, that particular one becomes inactive but you still have the others in case of need.

If you would like to change your account verification, you can come back to this step and change the verification method, from SMS to Authy. (The "Push Notification" option is not available at this point.)

You can also choose to modify your method of authentication and select Authy or Google Authenticator App. In this case, you will select the first option and click on Update.

At this point, you can either scan the QR code via a mobile app, or you can copy-paste the code provided and continue with the authentication this way.

☂ At this moment...

Please keep in mind that while right now Two Factor Authentication is optional, starting in August it will be a mandatory requirement.

If you choose to disable 2FA while it remains an optional security measure, simply click on the option of disabling it and confirm this action. You can also update the method and change the way you receive the authentication code or the phone number.

3. How does Two Factor Authentication offer you better protection?

Two Factor Authentication offers you better protection primarily through the way this verification can be done:

  • Via SMS code directly on your personal/non-smrtPhone number

  • Via the Authy/ Google Authenticator App.

  • Verification will be required for all smrtPhone access points: Web App, Mobile App, and the Chrome Dialer (your web app and Chrome extension will sync though, so this will be required once)

  • The token is available for 60 days to be used on any device you choose to log in to

✅ So, along with the recommendation to not reuse passwords across multiple sites, regularly changing passwords and codes, using 2FA is an extra security measurement, offers you an additional layer of protection.

Learn more about our security management here:

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