Creating a Texting Menu (Menu Applet) - SMS Flow

Give your contacts a text message menu to select the information they need, using a keypress.

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One option for your SMS text message flows is to present your contact with a set of options and let them choose which is best for them. This is done using the SMS Menu Applet.

To reach the SMS flow editor and the menu applet, go to your Admin Dashboard > Call Flow tab and then select Create SMS Flow (if never created one) or click on the ✉️ envelope icon to modify the one you created previously.

SMS Menu Applet

The Menu applet works as an interactive menu, so all information is automated and sent to the contact as they request with a keypress. It's a hands-off way to get information to your audience without having to sift through messages in your inbox.

Example use cases include:

  • Sending business hours

  • Sending location information

  • Sending event information, such as open house location and hours

  • Automated qualification of a lead (e.g. - text back "sell" if you'd like to sell the property)

  • Accessing the latest promotion/promo code

  • Allowing opt-out of receiving text messages from you

Configuring your SMS Menu

Once you drag the Menu applet into the flow editor, you will need to set it up. See below for the instructions.

❗ Keep in mind that this applet only works if it is the first/only applet in the flow. For more advanced flows, please consider using the SMS API.

You can customize the Menu Prompt, deciding what your contact should receive based on pre-set messages.

  • Menu Prompt - Type in your prompt, with all the options and hints for the expected message (for example, Text back <sell> if you intend to sell the house. Text back <buy> if you intend to buy a house, and so on.) This is the exact language your contact will see when reaching out to you.

  • Keyword - The keypress that will trigger the next message received by your lead. This can be numbers or letters, just make sure it is clear in your menu prompt.

  • Reply - The message that is triggered by the lead's selection.

You can add multiple options to it in order to ease your communication, by filtering it.

The incoming messages will not go into an inbox because the reply is automated based on your setup.

You can always check the answers received in your CRM - in the dedicated place for incoming communication, linked to your smrtPhone account.

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