How to manage your phone numbers
View active phone numbers, add new numbers and remove phone numbers
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In the phone numbers section you can:

  • Buy New Phone Numbers using the Get a Number button at the top right. (Learn how to buy a phone number here >> )

  • View active phone numbers

  • Manage Call Flows

  • Give them "friendly names" to make them easier to identify (Learn how, here>>)

  • Identify Call Flows the number is associated with. (Note: if this field is blank when the number is dialed, nothing will happen. Make sure you have at least a basic call flow set for each number that identifies which user should get the incoming call.)

  • Swap Call Flows - Change the Call Flow from the phone number, rather than going to the Call Flow builder. Example use case: Holiday message that is needed for a short period of time - you can swap in and out.

  • See the capabilities of the number - voice calls, texts, and/or MMS texts

  • Sort by Purchase date - The "Created" column indicates the date the phone number was added to your account.

  • See Compliant - you can easily spot if a number got verified in order to be compliant for sending SMS text messages.

  • Delete a number - When you remove a phone number, it is permanent in most cases, so be very sure!

  • Duplicate a Call Flow - You can duplicate a Flow that has the settings that you would like to have for more Flows and just rename it and assign it to a different number.

  • Add new numbers - You can get a new number by clicking on the green "Buy a number" button. You can switch between Toll-Free and Local, or drill down on local area code, depending on what you need.

Filter Your Phone Number Portfolio

By using the blue Filter button above the table of numbers, you can narrow down the list of phone numbers in your Portfolio based on:

  • Friendly Name

  • Phone Number

  • Created date (date added to your account)

In the Friendly Name and Phone Number fields, you can enter just a few digits/characters to pull a list of all numbers that contain them. For example, you can type just the 3-digit area code.

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