The phone numbers management section of smrtPhone lives under the Admin menu.

If you are looking to purchase a phone number outside of the United States, please read about possible verification requirements >>

In the phone numbers section you can:

  • Buy New Phone Numbers using the Get a Number button at the top right.

  • View active phone numbers

  • Give them "friendly names" to make them easier to identify (Learn how, here>>)

  • Identify Call Flows the number is associated with. (Note: if this field is blank when the number is dialed, nothing will happen. Make sure you have at least a basic call flow set for each number that identifies which user should get the incoming call.)

  • Swap Call Flows - Change the Call Flow from the phone number, rather than going to the Call Flow builder. Example use case: Holiday message that is needed for a short period of time - you can swap in and out.

  • See the capabilities of the number - voice calls, texts, and/or MMS texts

  • Delete a number - When you remove a phone number, it is permanent in most cases, so be very sure!

  • Add new numbers - You can get a new number by clicking on the green "Buy a number" button. You can switch between Toll-Free and Local, or drill down on local area code, depending on what you need.

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