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Managing Toll-Free Number SMS/Text Messaging
Managing Toll-Free Number SMS/Text Messaging

Toll-Free numbers must be registered to become text enabled.

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Toll-Free US numbers are designated for business messaging use by all major carriers in the United States, and by most major mobile carriers in Canada.

Although originally popular due to no cost for external contacts, in the age of unlimited calling and data plans, not being connected to a specific location or area code (giving it national appeal) makes Toll-Free numbers a popular choice for businesses.

You can easily get your Toll-Free number by accessing: Admin Dashboard > Phone Numbers and then click the upper right button Get a Number.

Search for a Toll-free number using the drop-down menu.

Toll-Free Texting Requires Verification

Unregistered text/SMS messages sent via a toll-free number is not guaranteed to be delivered.

Although it leaves the smrtPhone system as expected, many receiving carriers are filtering out messages from unregistered senders.

Toll-Free Verification is presently required in the US and Canada to improve deliverability. Please complete the Verification process as soon as possible to avoid traffic being blocked (Canada) or traffic subject to increased filtering and daily limits on sending (US).

If your toll-free number is not verified, you might put yourself at risk of having your messages not delivered, receiving fines from carriers, or even a suspended account.

Toll-Free Registration is Free through smrtPhone

Verified Toll-Free Messaging simply means that your business and use case have been reviewed in advance of sending traffic via Toll-Free, and you have received carrier approval for messaging via Toll-Free numbers to the US/Canada.

This verification process is free of charge.

You will get a notification right away when you select to buy a Toll-Free number.

Remember, this is not an error, is just a warning message to keep you informed.

Take care of your Toll-Free numbers by submitting them to be verified via live chat. Please contact our Support Team from smrtPhone's dashboard, website, or Mobile App for further assistance.

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